Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Quiltkateers Conquer Lancaster

Yesterday was the AQS quilt show in Lancaster. I met up with these 3 crazy girls that I've been getting to know through on-line quilting bees and specifically through the ORBC flickr group.

Heidi, Dolores, Dena, Tracy

We had a grand time. The quilt show was inspiring, so much so that by the end of the walk through we were all chomping at the bit to go fabric shopping.

In the car Dolores surprised us each with a little hand made treasure.

I love this so much!!!!
Thanks D!! =)

Hunger takes precedence over fabric though so we first had to eat and buy
Shoo Fly Pie for my favorite man at Stolzfus Deli.

This was a whole pie less than 24 hours ago.

Then we hit Zook's, The Old Country Store and a few other lovely shops where I acquired this loot. The Old Country Store was a little dangerous for me. I found an entire section of fabric that really spoke to me.

Check out those polka dots on the left. The dreaded polka dots!!! Who would have thought it? Those were my first purchases at Zook's and the rest of the day we were all on the lookout for more. I can't wait to cut into them. I was dreaming of the layout last night.

We happened into a brand new store that Heidi found called Bitty Kinna's.
I spotted this work in progess and had to have the fabric.
After some inquring and searching, one of the owner's found Amy Hoffman who own the shop next door. This is her creation and she was about the sweetest lady ever! She actually gave me her leftover yard of fabric from this quilt to get me started.

Can't wait for next year! Thanks for a swell time girls!


  1. Hehehe....that's a lovely haul you got there...I'm surprised there is ANY pie left!:)

    It was grand meeting you too girlie! I had the best time...talked my husbands ear off when I got home...and of course watched WVU make it into the Fianl 4!!!:) name is spelled DOlores!;)

  2. DOH! Sorry fixing now.
    Let's go MOUNTANEERS!!!!

  3. Tracy, it was great meeting you and I had a wonderful time. Thanks for being so great!!

  4. Man! Wish I was there -- looks like a great time!

  5. Yum, that pie looks good and so does the fabric. I'm so glad you all had fun. Some of my very best friends I met thru the internet and we get together whenever we can, we have so much fun together. This could be the start of some forever friendships!