Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting for fabric

I just finished unpacking my craft room. Hooray!!!! We moved and I now have an entire room to myself to do whatever I please. In the old house I had the corner of the living room and as hard as I tried not to, I had a tendency to spill completely into the living room, kitchen and, much to my husband's dismay, the garage. Now that I can spread my creative wings once again, sewing and quilting are calling me and I have been motivated by this wonderful blog to listen. Thus, the start of this piece that my 4 kids inspired. I love this picture of them. It is the absolute essence of them at that time in their lives. Since the day I took it, I have wanted to capture it in something other than a wooden frame and in more that a scrapbook that remains closed on a shelf. Not sure where I am going with it yet, but the scrapbooker and jewelry maker in me is saying go out on a limb. However, the left brain math teacher in me is saying that it makes my right brain hurt when I do these things. Yet, I must persist and make the deeply buried artist in me happy.

I transferred the photos using my printer and cotton lawn photo fabric from The Electric Quilt Company.